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South Australia, Adelaide Metro

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Introduced on the 21st August 2005 the JetBus was the name for any Adelaide Metro bus route that services the Adelaide Airport. Services that run to the airport will have the prefix J added to the front of their route number. As at current 4 main routes service the airport J1, J2, J3 and J7 with additional short workings that may or may not run to and from the airport depending on the run, short workings can normally be recognized with a suffix after the route number, i.e. J1T which terminates at Tea Tree Plaza interchange. The exception to this rule is services running the o-bahn that terminate in the city, see C1, C1X and C2X.

Passenger information

It is important that passengers including those from interstate and those from overseas identify the airport services easily, so a few handy features can be found. First of all and mentioned earlier, all airport services have the route prefix of J. Passengers may also notice that there is a Jetbus logo on the front of the relevant timetable for the jet bus services and also the logo can be found on many Jetbus bus stops along the Jetbus route.


J1 - Elizabeth station to Glenelg via O-Bahn, City and Adelaide Airport

J2 - Grenwith to West Beach via O-bahn, City and Adelaide Airport

J3 - Fairview Park to Adelaide Airport Via O-bahn and City

J7 - West Lakes Shopping Centre to Flinders university Via Adelaide Airport and Marion Shopping Centre

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